Meeting roles

Do you know what is expected of you? Many meeting problems are due to lack of expertise or poor preparation. These problems often lead [...]

  • Overzicht en breed toepasbaar

The strength of the generalist

The difference in thinking and doing between the generalist and specialist. Recently we had a [...]

  • self-development layers of the personality

How deeply do you set the bar?

What drives self-development and why does advice often not work? Take the entrepreneur Bas, for [...]

  • Good meetings

Cost effective meetings; illusion or achievable?

The quote “Two heads are better than one” is often used to indicate that it makes sense to work together to realize your (business) goals more efficiently. Good [...]

  • Innovation

Excel or perish in case of setback and change

When Bjorn Borg was the first to play a topspin tennis ball, the opponents were amazed. They did not know what was happening. Bjorn has changed the game [...]


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