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How do you find the right executive coach?

2022-09-01T18:26:54+02:00|Category: Executive coaching|

Ask yourself these 10 questions Once you have made the decision to call in help for your own personal development, a quest awaits you. Many coaches state that they are the best at what they do, with the intention to make you tempted to purchase their services. For you it [...]

What is the difference between business coaching & executive coaching?

2022-09-01T18:26:39+02:00|Category: Business coaching, Category: Executive coaching|

Business coaching and executive coaching are two disciplines that are often confused, but in essence have very limited affinity and / or overlap. However, the clientele is the same for both coaches. Namely that is you, the entrepreneur or executive. What can you expect from business and executive coaching, what are the differences and [...]

The strength of the generalist

2022-09-01T18:22:54+02:00|Category: Business coaching, Category: Crisis management, Category: Executive coaching, Category: Meeting guidance, Category: Team coaching|

The difference in thinking and doing between the generalist and specialist. Recently we had a conversation with an entrepreneur who is struggling with the question: “Should I work in a specialist or generalistic way“. Nevertheless, he advised us to specialize in a specific target group. His line of thought was: “If you specialize, [...]

How deeply do you set the bar?

2022-09-01T18:22:40+02:00|Category: Executive coaching, Category: Team coaching, Uncategorized|

What drives self-development and why does advice often not work? Take the entrepreneur Bas, for example. He has had his own company for a few years and would like to take this to the next level. Bass knows he has difficulty attracting customers and orders (sales). This restriction hinders achieving the goal. Bas [...]

Play or be played

2022-09-01T18:16:50+02:00|Category: Business coaching, Category: Crisis management, Category: Executive coaching, Category: Team coaching|

How do you realise your personal and professional ambitions as an entrepreneur or executive? Realising personal or professional goals has a lot in common with playing a strategy game, such as chess. There are many ways to play a chess game. To achieve your goal, a constant analysis of the game is [...]

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