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Executive coaching is increasing the effectiveness of the executive. This by coaching and guiding executives on a personal level and strengthening their leadership qualities.

How do you find the right executive coach?

2021-07-27T22:21:54+02:00|Category: Executive coaching|

Ask yourself these 10 questions Once you have made the decision to call in help for your own personal development, a quest awaits you. Many coaches state that they are the best at what they do, with the intention to make you tempted to purchase their services. For you it [...]

What is the difference between business coaching & executive coaching?

2021-07-27T22:22:06+02:00|Category: Executive coaching, Category: Sparring partner|

Business coaching and executive coaching are two disciplines that are often confused, but in essence have very limited affinity and / or overlap. However, the clientele is the same for both coaches. Namely that is you, the entrepreneur or executive. What can you expect from business and executive coaching, what are the differences and [...]

How deeply do you set the bar?

2022-03-09T09:32:40+01:00|Category: Executive coaching|

What drives self-development and why does advice often not work? Take the entrepreneur Bas, for example. He has had his own company for a few years and would like to take this to the next level. Bass knows he has difficulty attracting customers and orders (sales). This restriction hinders achieving the goal. Bas [...]

Self-development determines the company’s ambitions

2021-07-27T22:23:41+02:00|Category: Executive coaching|

Your company’s mission, vision and goals are very ambitious and progressive. In order to achieve this, your company will have to grow considerably in the near future. You are busy realizing this yourself and therefore you have little free time, let alone that you can make time to develop yourself further. This can continue [...]

Play or be played

2021-07-27T22:24:19+02:00|Category: Crisis management, Category: Executive coaching, Category: Process guidance, Category: Sparring partner|

How do you realise your personal and professional ambitions as an entrepreneur or executive? Realising personal or professional goals has a lot in common with playing a strategy game, such as chess. There are many ways to play a chess game. To achieve your goal, a constant analysis of the game is [...]

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