The process guide (also chairman) of Cthrough coaching & consulting, makes your meeting focused, efficient and minimizes / eliminates meeting frustrations. This by directing the meeting process and the meeting behavior of the participants, as moderator. So you achieve your business goals and save costs.

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Are business meetings outdated?

2021-01-12T12:57:02+01:00|Category: Process guidance|

More and more often, there are reports that meetings are no longer of importance and should belong to the past. It would be futile and a waste of time invested. In this article, we will take you through whether meetings are still relevant and / or whether meetings are useful for every company, what [...]

The strength of the generalist

2020-10-22T16:21:33+02:00|Category: Crisis management, Category: Process guidance, Category: Sparring partner|

The difference in thinking and doing between the generalist and specialist. Recently we had a conversation with an entrepreneur who is struggling with the question: “Should I work in a specialist or generalistic way“. Nevertheless, he advised us to specialize in a specific target group. His line of thought was: “If you specialize, [...]

Cost effective meetings; illusion or achievable?

2021-01-11T09:02:21+01:00|Category: Process guidance|

The quote “Two heads are better than one” is often used to indicate that it makes sense to work together to realize your (business) goals more efficiently. Good meetings are essential for achieving your business goals with multiple people. However, meetings are often seen as inefficient and / or participants have frustrations, making collaboration [...]

Play or be played

2020-07-14T08:31:42+02:00|Category: Crisis management, Category: Executive coaching, Category: Process guidance, Category: Sparring partner|

How do you realise your personal and professional ambitions as an entrepreneur or executive? Realising personal or professional goals has a lot in common with playing a strategy game, such as chess. There are many ways to play a chess game. To achieve your goal, a constant analysis of the game is [...]

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