The sparring partner for entrepreneurs and executives is a person from outside your own company (from Cthrough coaching & consulting). This sparring partner is the person with whom you discuss your ideas, challenges, conflicts and goals. In order to achieve an optimal and effective strategy, tactics and operational resources to achieve your goals.

The sparring partner of Cthrough coaching & consulting is there purely for you, without further any conflicting interests.
You decide, we are not going to tell you what or how to run your business. We are your partner, with whom you can discuss everything. We guide you in understanding your ideas, challenges, conflicts and achieving your goals and dreams effectively.

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What is the difference between business coaching & executive coaching?

2021-07-27T22:22:06+02:00|Category: Executive coaching, Category: Sparring partner|

Business coaching and executive coaching are two disciplines that are often confused, but in essence have very limited affinity and / or overlap. However, the clientele is the same for both coaches. Namely that is you, the entrepreneur or executive. What can you expect from business and executive coaching, what are the differences and [...]

The strength of the generalist

2021-07-27T22:22:59+02:00|Category: Crisis management, Category: Process guidance, Category: Sparring partner|

The difference in thinking and doing between the generalist and specialist. Recently we had a conversation with an entrepreneur who is struggling with the question: “Should I work in a specialist or generalistic way“. Nevertheless, he advised us to specialize in a specific target group. His line of thought was: “If you specialize, [...]

Excel or perish in case of setback and change

2021-07-27T22:24:09+02:00|Category: Crisis management, Category: Sparring partner|

When Bjorn Borg was the first to play a topspin tennis ball, the opponents were amazed. They did not know what was happening. Bjorn has changed the game by playing topspin balls that change direction in flight. Some players stuck to their old game (and lost over and over again), others worked on a [...]

Play or be played

2021-07-27T22:24:19+02:00|Category: Crisis management, Category: Executive coaching, Category: Process guidance, Category: Sparring partner|

How do you realise your personal and professional ambitions as an entrepreneur or executive? Realising personal or professional goals has a lot in common with playing a strategy game, such as chess. There are many ways to play a chess game. To achieve your goal, a constant analysis of the game is [...]

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