The quote “Two heads are better than one” is often used to indicate that it makes sense to work together to realize your (business) goals more efficiently. Good meetings are essential for achieving your business goals with multiple people. However, meetings are often seen as inefficient and / or participants have frustrations, making collaboration more difficult.

Meeting inefficiencies and frustrations are related to:

  • the followed meeting procedures,
  • a mismatch between expectations and achieved results,
  • communications -between the participants- and the atmosphere are not optimal during the meeting.

How much does it cost you to have these inefficient and / or frustrating meetings in which you do not or only partially achieve your goals?

As chairman (also known as process guidance), we make your meeting goal-oriented, efficient, and minimize / eliminate meeting frustrations. This by steering the meeting process and the behavior of the participants as a conversation leader. So you achieve your business goals and save costs.

Cthrough makes all the difference. More see through, more impact

Thanks to Renée van den Kerkhof for the illustration.