More impact through personal development and growth.

Realise your potential and become the best you can be, through personal development and growth. Cthrough coaching & consulting helps executives work through an individual, customized, personal development growth process and level that is tailored to the situation. The coaching objective is to find the best possible (starting) position for the executive, so his/her ambitions can be realized. The content of the coaching programme and the necessary levels are determined by clarifying the executive’s ambitions and assessing the causes of any obstacles. Once the content has been determined, the executive is coached at the required levels. We strive to remove or otherwise create further awareness of and learn to cope with the obstacle.

Our input is focused on inspiration, energy, objective feedback, trust, asking the right questions, and open communication.
The person being coached is expected to exhibit self-respect and ambition.

Executive coaching

Goals of executive coaching:

  • Clarify and realize personal ambitions
  • Reducing or eliminating personal barriers through coaching at all personal levels
  • Increasing personal effectiveness
  • Sounding board and specific advise

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