How do you realise your personal and professional ambitions as an entrepreneur or executive?

Realising personal or professional goals has a lot in common with playing a strategy game, such as chess. There are many ways to play a chess game. To achieve your goal, a constant analysis of the game is required. How it forms, what possible moves you have and what the consequences of such a move are, in other words thinking a number of steps ahead.
The more steps you think ahead in the maze of possibilities, the more you see coming and the better you can anticipate.

In contrast to chess, as a company director you do not have one but several fellow players. However, if you want to achieve your goals and not be surprised or overwhelmed by the moment. Then, just like chess, it is important to look at the short and also to the long game.
Constant analysis of your market, strategy, and tactics is essential. Where necessary, the strategy and/or tactics will be adjusted effectively. This so, you do not drift away from your goals when an opponent makes a certain move that could otherwise have negative consequences for you.

Realising ambition

Are you willing to give us both a chance by starting a conversation, to discuss and see what we can do for each other? I help you see through your situation (playing field), so that you only have to choose the most effective strategy and tactics, and therefor get and keep a grip on your situation.

More see through, more impact

Thanks to Renée van den Kerkhof for the main illustration.