Your company’s mission, vision and goals are very ambitious and progressive. In order to achieve this, your company will have to grow considerably in the near future. You are busy realizing this yourself and therefore you have little free time, let alone that you can make time to develop yourself further. This can continue until you are the anchor, cause to not make your business ambitions or lose your business.

Do you allow your company’s ambitions to be limited by your own growth process?

Many entrepreneurs and executives discuss their challenges with “experienced” entrepreneurs or executives in the hope of effective advice. Out of the belief that they have gone through their growth process and that you can learn from it. But the question is, “How do you achieve your full potential if you copy someone?


Take for example Michael Phelps, Olympic most successful athlete, who has achieved his successes and goals by following his personal plan. This personal plan is developed by Michael and his coach Bob Bowman. Bob himself is not a top swimmer, but a specialist in guiding swimmers to get the best out of them.
Why was the plan custom made for Michael? Copying someone else will make you as good as the other at best, but not better. Michael wanted to become the best Olympian and not the best swimming coach.

How big are your ambitions?
Do you keep asking your equal to become like him or do you stand up for yourself and take your own development seriously?

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