Achieving business goals

A successful company. This forces the company to always make the right choices and take the right actions. It is therefore no easy task for an organization to continuously make the right decisions and execute the right activities. Your company is located in a dynamic and complex environment, where many internal and external factors influence the achievement of success.

The business coach guides and optimizes the achievement of business objectives. Practical issues are approached integrally with a multi- and interdisciplinary approach. In concrete terms, looking at the issue from different angles and with a broad perspective, the associated real cause or causes, possible solutions, and the effects of each possible solution. This way you can make the most effective decision(s) and carry out the necessary activities.

What are the benefits and gains of business coaching?

Realising ambition
  • Clarifying, stimulating, and realizing the business goals and ambitions,
  • A clear and effective (step-by-step) plan,
  • Increase (self) confidence,
  • Creates peace of mind in business operations,
  • Improves performance and profitability,
  • Ensures innovation and ‘out-of-the-box’ thinking,
  • Prevents symptom management,
  • Reducing and/or preventing problems and conflicts,
  • Sparring partner to air thoughts and ideas towards,
  • Structured approach to change.

Which companies benefit from business coaching?

We guide the top of SME and corporate segment, also known as the large companies, in the Netherlands and abroad.

How does business coaching work?

In our business coaching we stand next to you, the entrepreneur or executive. We facilitate the process, but you make the choices and keep control. There is no unequivocal answer to how long coaching will take. Namely, the diversity of the cases is high, because no issue nor its environment is the same. There are companies that take sessions on a monthly or even weekly basis, but there are others that only ask for help when (serious) problems or conflicts arise.

Nevertheless, every coach trajectory proceeds according to the following 5 phases:

  • Vision: Where are you now, where do you want to go and what is the motivation?
  • Analysis: What are the facts, figures and concrete goals?
  • Growth plan: How are you going to achieve the goals?
  • Implementation: Shaping and changing,
  • Assurance: Managing results and consolidation.

It should be clear that how these 5 phases take shape is tailor-made and dependent entirely on the demand and situation of the company. The challenge is to come up with a strategy, including plan, and to implement it in such a way that it works for you.

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What is the return of investment on business coaching?

A business coaching process only makes sense if the return exceeds the investment. Experience shows that such a process is often one of the best investments a company can make.
Namely, without a clear goal and route, you will never reach your final destination.


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