More impact with the right sparring partner!

The sparring partner supports companies and executives with business issues as the first point of contact. This is the generalist in the broad field of business administration and all underlying and related fields. Such as: marketing, economics, HRM, ICT, legal, etc.

At Cthrough coaching and consulting we think it is important that you can achieve your mission, vision, and goals. We are convinced that you can only achieve this successfully with the right insights and seeing through your ideas and/or obstacles.


With our thorough and generalistic approach, we examine and clarify your ideas and/or obstacles together, so that we get a total picture of the current and desired situation. To achieve the desired result, an effective strategy is needed, which you accept and which is of the best possible quality.
Together, we will come up with possible strategies. Every possible strategy and its potential (direct and indirect) implications and consequences are examined and evaluated. So that you can make a thorough and well-considered choice from the various options that you support and of which you know exactly what needs to be done.

Cthrough coaching & consulting does not want to take over your position or impose on you what to do. We want to help you by creating a total picture. So that you get a complete overview and therefore see what suits you best.

Why first point of contact?

The great advantage of a generalist is that he looks beyond one specific field of expertise, on specific box, or way of thinking. The generalist has broad knowledge and skills, from multiple fields, so links between your challenges, problems or conflicts, and what creates and/or sustains them, are established quickly.
Cthrough coaching & consulting tries to prevent combatting symptoms. We whelp you find the real cause or causes and give you complete options on what to do about it. So solve or deal with it in the short term, and avoid recurrence in the long term.

This does not necessarily mean that no specialists in a particular field are needed in addition to the sparring partner (generalist). This entirely depends on your situation and its complexity. The generalist oversees and sees through the whole, but does not have the detailed knowledge that a specialist has in his or her field.
We strongly recommend that you approach the generalist as the first point of contact, as he or she can best analyse your challenge, problem, or conflict. If necessary the needed (sub) specialists can be involved, or be referred to. This will solve your situation faster and better, your goals will become reality more effectively and efficiently.

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