Business coaching and executive coaching are two disciplines that are often confused, but in essence have very limited affinity and / or overlap. However, the clientele is the same for both coaches. Namely that is you, the entrepreneur or executive. What can you expect from business and executive coaching, what are the differences and when do you need a business or executive coach?

What is business coaching?

Business coaching is in principle business administration. “Business administration is the branch of science that deals with the organization and environment of companies. Business Administration has an integrated (all or comprehensive), multi- and interdisciplinary approach which addresses practical issues within companies scientifically” (Thuis, & Stuive, 2016).
A business coach brings processes, tools and concepts to facilitate the development of teams and organizations. This development is primarily focused on achieving goals and measurable business results. The business coach mainly acts as a sparring partner and thus has a supporting role. You can expect the sparring partner to come up with options on how to achieve your goal or goals. In addition, he / she can see through a possible strategy and indicate possible consequences, so you as a customer can make the best decision.

What is executive coaching?

“Executive coaching is to increase the effectiveness of the executive by strengthening his/her leadership qualities. Executives include board members, directors, majority shareholder, top managers, supervisors, and supervisory directors” (NOBCO, 2021).

The executive coach helps a client to develop and improve their leadership, management, social, and soft skills. The primary focus is to improve performance, stimulate self-development and develop leadership impact. What you can expect from an executive coach is that he / she guides you personally using coaching and / or psychological methodologies, he / she has good to excellent communication skills. Compared to a “standard coach”, an executive coach distinguishes himself by connecting in coaching to the individual as well as to the complex context and field of influence of the executive.

What are the main differences between business and executive coaching?

Business coaching

The business coach focuses specifically on business related development to achieve goals, regardless of whether this means growth, consolidation or decline for the company’s results. It is about developing an effective strategy through an integrated business management approach, which has the highest possible quality as well as the highest possible degree of acceptance for the customer(s), in order to achieve the goal or goals.

Executive coaching

The executive coach focuses on the client’s personal development rather than on achieving business results. The primary focus of the coaching’s trajectory is on achieving awareness, setting goals and guided development. Consider, among other things, developing leadership skills and productivity.

The bottom line is, being able to set the bar high is depending on how deep you set the bar (figuratively speaking).

In general, people have the greatest blockages to their own success internally. Have you identified and removed those blockages or have you learned to deal with them? Then you are off to the road of success and are able to save years of wasted time by focusing on what is important to you. This without hindering yourself in your own development and success.

Regardless of these differences, both coaches also share commonalities. They help customers in their development / growth, organize and business. The one guides in the realization of business goals and the other guides in the realization of personal goals.

Hopefully by now you have a clearer picture of what the difference is between business and executive coaching. You should be able identify which coach suits your needs and wishes best.

In the end, the easiest way to determine which type of coaching you need is to ask yourself the following question: “Do I need a business strategy coach or a personal development coach?” The answer will definitely influence your decision.

Good luck!

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