In the accompanying main article “meeting roles”, the purpose of a meeting and which different meeting roles there has been mentioned already. This sub-article discusses what you can expect from a participant before, during and after the meeting.

As participant you have a role in the group process and you partly determine the atmosphere and interaction during the meeting. You can contribute to the meeting in three aspects. Namely on content, procedure and interaction. As participant, it is important to be aware of this during the preparation, the meeting itself and afterwards.


Of course you cannot be prepared for everything, but it is possible to think about a number of aspects in advance.

  • Read the agenda well in advance,
  • Read the enclosed documents critically,
  • Formulate an opinion on certain agenda items,
  • Prepare written and oral contribution properly,
  • Anticipate own behaviour during the upcoming meeting.


As a participant, you will be given the floor during the handling of various agenda items. It is then desirable that your vision is explained as clearly as possible. Do this by paying attention to the following points:

  • Formulate concise,
  • Actively direct the discussion yourself,
  • Indicate clearly how your contribution relates to the prior,
  • Actively listen to the contribution of others,
  • Also provide supportive responses instead of solely rejections,
  • Avoid incorrect and irrelevant arguments,
  • Make arguments and points of view explicit,
  • Ask for clarification about unclear procedures and, where necessary, make order proposals,
  • Have a constructive and active attitude.


The meeting is over. However, there are still a number of tasks arising from the meeting.

  • Talking about the meeting and let off steam if necessary,
  • Give feedback,
  • Reporting to your support base / stakeholders,
  • Implement and / or execute your action points,
  • Critically reading meeting-minutes,
  • Archiving of documents,
  • Thinking of new agenda items,
  • Reflect on your own role and contributions to the meeting.


As a meeting participant you fulfil a more active role than most people think. It is important that you prepare and read up. During the meeting you substantiate arguments and points of view that contribute to the discussion and ask for clarification where necessary. Afterwards, you provide feedback and carry out your own action points.

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